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Plasma Rich Plattel

Plasma injection/ Vampire Lift Plasma injection/ Vampire Lift is a technique which applies the usage of your blood, taken at a certain amount and separated in a centrifuge. Then, a part of plasma is taken from the sample, which gets activated and injected for stimulation/regeneration, or injected intradermally in the form of fillers. The treatment protocol is 3-6 treatments a year. Your dermatolo...  more... »

Alexandrite Laser- Permanent Hair Removal

Alexandrite Laser- Permanent hair removal The most widely used hair removal laser. But how can you choose the most suitable laser machine? Knowing that while removing hairthe pigmentation-which is found in the hair’s follicle, is the target absorbing the laser beam, a process called selective photothermolysis occurs, damaging the hair. It is very important evaluating the hairs’ colo...  more... »

Spider & Varicose Veins

Many believe that spider veins evolve because of getting old. Even though it is true that growing old is a factor in the development of these unpleasant looking veins, genetics is also a key factor. Spider & varicose veins are considered undesirable cosmetically because of their unattractive image. What are varicose and spider veins? Even though spider & varicose veins are different type...  more... »

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Fine Lines

As we grow older, our skin starts to lose its natural elasticity, whereas collagen production and skin reproduction slows down. The result is fine lines and wrinkles, as our skin can not go back from all our daily impressions. The most common wrinkles in men and women both, includes “goose’s feet” around the eyes, smile lines, sad/mad lines, and lips’ lines. We understand y...  more... »

How does sun affect our skin and damages it?

How does the sun affect our skin and damages it? Which are some of the factors that influence early skin damage? Given that external and internal factors affect skin aging and damaging, such as; ultraviolet radiation (which causes 80% of external skin damage), fatty tissue loss, hormonal changes, gravitational changes, poor eating & sleeping habits, facial expressions, stress, bone or cartil...  more... »

How can hair loss be treated?

Hair loss is a major problem in clinic dermatology Patients can complain for having effluvium (hair loss) or alopecia (visible hair loss). Hair loss is a great concern. What is important in your hair loss evaluation is the period length since you noticed it, other accompanying diseases, pregnancy, metabolic diseases, hidden diseases such as thyroid, or family history. Losing much hair is a distr...  more... »

What is botox?

What is botox? Which are its benefits and side effects? Whats the length of its action? At what age can it be used? Botox is a medicament containing toxin botulin type A. The toxin is injected in small light doses into small muscles relaxing and soothing them. Botox can also be used to treat excessive sweating and keloids. How does botox work? Botox blocks nervous impulse which run straight ...  more... »

Acne, acne scars, the right treatments.

Acne is a major problem especially for 89% of teenagers/young adults. But how can we give a proper solution to a problem which has been discussed and is still being discussed for several years? The developing acne age is around 10-17 years old in females, and 13-19 in men. Some of the factors which encourage acne inflammation are: Endocrine factors Emotional factors Occlusion or skin pressu...  more... »