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While most people tend to focus on the signs of aging that appear on the face, if the thin skin of the neck becomes lax or rough over time, it can make the face look older as well. A surgical neck lift improves the neck and revitalizes one’s appearance, but not everyone has the time to undergo a surgical procedure that requires downtime.


Belotero for the Superficial Wrinkles

Belotero is a soft dermal filler made of hydrating hyaluronic acid, which is ideal for smoothing wrinkles and plumping the skin. Our dermatology experts dilute it with a 1:1 ratio of saline, which reduces the lines, adds volume, and volumizes the entire chin, jawline, and neck.

The thinner properties of Belotero make it more lightweight than other HA fillers, so it can be injected at a superficial level into the thin, fragile skin of the neck. Belotero improves skin elasticity and limits side effects, such as the formation of skin bumps.


Neck Rejuvenating Skincare Creams