For a large number of men and women, the struggle to get a toned, slim abdomen and midsection is at the top of the list of fitness and body aesthetic goals. Even with healthy lifestyle habits like good nutrition and exercise, flank and abdomen weight can be among the most difficult to lose and keep off. With additional factors like age, genetics, and pregnancy, it can feel close to impossible to get a flat, contoured stomach and waist without a little help from a body sculpting professional.


Why Is Abdominal Fat So Difficult To Lose?

For many people, the stomach and flank section is the first place to put on weight, and the last and most difficult to lose. As both men and women can attest, even with a strict diet and rigorous workout routines, losing belly fat can often feel impossible and beyond reach. And carrying around excess fat in the abdomen does more than just ruin physical appearance; it can also increase the risk of developing serious health problems like diabetes, heart disease, and even certain types of cancer.

Diet and exercise are the most important factors in maintaining a healthy weight, but other Oceanside lifestyle factors that may be beyond individual control, such as aging, working a sedentary job, or spending a few hours a day driving to and from work also contribute to weight gain and fat buildup in the midsection.