The use of LED light therapy as a treatment for rejuvinating skin, I was intrigued. It seemed like an effective way to get glowy and younger-looking skin without needles.LED light had the power to help banish blemishes and breakouts . LED light therapy is most often administered via single light units or formations of panels that are directed at the skin from a few inches away. The benefits come from exposure to the light; there is no machine-to-skin contact when the panels are involved. It can also be administered through a handheld wand that you would expose skin to in the same way.LED lights come in different spectrums, including red, white, and blue is the most universal LED light, and that it stimulates collagen and accelerates healing. "It's good for a little bit of everything, from texture and tone, to acne and aging,"  The white light goes the deepest into the skin (it penetrates a few millimeters deeper than the others), and tightens and tones while reducing inflammation.