You’ve tried dieting. You’ve tried exercise. But parts of your body have simply refused to tone up and you’ve had it with those diet-and exercise-resistant areas. Consider body contouring with SmartLipo which destroys and permanently eliminates fat cells to help you achieve a trim, healthy-looking
What is SmartLipo?
Human fat, or adipose tissue, can be difficult to get rid of through exercise and diet alone. SmartLipo can be a relatively simple and quick solution to remove stubborn fat permanently.
SmartLipo is the only FDA-cleared, dual-wavelength laser system designed to effectively liquefy fat and tighten skin through collagen remodeling. A recent clinical study showed SmartLipo to have a 20% skin tightening improvement in and around the treatment area.
Unlike traditional surgical liposuction, SmartLipo does not require IV sedation, several painful scar-producing incisions, or general anesthesia. Many of the risks associated with traditional liposuction such as those associated with general anesthesia & significant blood loss are eliminated with SmartLipo. Also, this procedure allows the patient to be awake which offers added safety and fewer post-operative complications.
How does SmartLipo work?
A very small cannula, or tube, approximately 1.0 mm to 2.0 mm in diameter containing a laser fiber, is inserted into the skin. The cannula is moved back and forth delivering the laser's energy to the fat cells, causing them to rupture and easily drain away. The laser energy also interacts with the dermis resulting in collagen shrinkage.

Due to the cannula's small size, SmartLipo is a minimally invasive procedure and can be performed under local anesthesia. The laser causes small blood vessels to coagulate immediately on contact, resulting in less bleeding, swelling and bruising and a quicker recovery time than conventional liposuction. Because general anesthesia is unnecessary, the procedure is very safe with only minimal side effects.

The fiber-optic cannula is inserted through a small puncture in the skin usually along creases that conceal the scar. As the laser melts the fats, it also coagulates the loose ends of small blood vessels. Compression garments are optional as the area will not bleed very much after the laser is removed. The granulation tissue (healing-tissues) does the rest of the work in contracting the treated area as well as the overlying skin.
Side Effects
SmartLipo laser produces no pain during the procedure. After the local anesthesia has worn off around the suction incision, patients occasionally feel aches and pains similar to having a vigorous workout. This is unlike traditional surgical liposuction where a patient has significant pain, swelling, bruising and a long recovery time. SmartLipo 's dual wavelength technology and exacting precision are reported to cause less bleeding, swelling, and bruising than traditional liposuction.
Results can be seen immediately with continued improvement over several months.
The SmartLipo procedure is an outpatient procedure performed while patients are awake. Patients love this technique because it is performed under local tumescent anesthesia and there is little-to-no pain during the procedure. Some of our patients are physically able to return to work immediately after the SmartLipo procedure, but we normally advise a day or two of rest.
Advantages to Patient
 only minimally invasive non-surgical techniques
Your Procedure is done while awake, no general anesthesia is necessary
Little or no pain during procedure
Results are noticed almost immediately
We never use general anesthesia, no IV's, no cutting
Your recovery is faster and easier with little to no downtime
There are no unsightly scars, no stitches, minimal bruising
Refined techniques and expertise result in greater skin tightening for all ages
Advanced methods replace old aggressive, traditional liposuction surgery
Gentle techniques and excellent skills achieve permanent, superior results!