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What Is Laser Vein Removal?

The CoolTouch CTEV treatment is an endovenous ablation method using a special laser fiber coupled with an infrared 1320 nm wavelength device. Unlike other laser treatments, the CoolTouch CTEV targets water within the walls of the veins, which it is then absorbed by, instead of hemoglobin.  Using the ablation method in addition to an infrared laser, treatment with the CoolTouch CTEV can bring long lasting and effective vein removal results without the need for invasive surgery. A patient is an excellent candidate to undergo laser vein removal if they are experiencing unwanted leg veins smaller than an inch in width.

The CoolTouch CTEV laser can be used to target and remove blue veins and varicose veins in all of the following areas, including but not limited to:

  • Calf
  • Thigh
  • Knee

Benefits of the CTEV laser in opposition to surgical vein removal includes less risk of infection, less skin irritation, and minimal downtime. Treatment with the CoolTouch CTEV is by far the most renowned laser device treatment for leg veins, and is highly recommended by the team of expert vein specialists and phlebologists.

In addition to it’s highly effective use in the treatment of stubborn spider veins in the legs, a completely non-invasive laser treatment called the CoolTouch Varia is ideal for unwanted facial veins near the temples, nose, and under eyes. Those who may not be a candidate to undergo a laser phlebectomy may be a candidate for one of the following vein removal treatments: