Micro-needling is a revolutionary treatment for rejuvenating the skin that has become very popular in recent years. Through Collagen micro-needling, your skin will become smoother, more youthful, and brighter, with no downtime or side effects! It is a painless and quick treatment that can work wonders. ?

Micro-needling involves using tiny needles to create microscopic injuries in the skin in a regular pattern. These micro injuries cause the skin to work to repair itself, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, which are necessary to keep the skin elastic and firm. Through stimulating production of these essential substances, the skin becomes rejuvenated and refreshed.

The needles used for a professional Collagen , treatment are extremely small and cause no pain when used on the skin, although there may be some slight discomfort. Following a treatment, there is no downtime required! Your skin may be slightly red for a few days, but this can be covered with makeup. In addition, you should stay out of the sun for a few days and be sure to wear a strong sunscreen when you go out.